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Legends League Cricket 2022 Schedule & Team Squad

The amazing tournament all cricket fans wait for Legends League Cricket 2022

We all here have sometimes watched cricket in our lives. Some of us fell in love with the gentleman’s sport and some of us may have not found the energy that we wanted in the sport or you can say they did not think the sport is their type. This can happen and it is absolutely fine because not everyone has the patience of watching cricket. A five-day match going on with two sides fighting for victory, it is not a person’s cup of tea who is not patient.

Well, I am on the side of the masses which loves cricket and it has become a great part of my life. Watching from childhood we all have some favorite player and the thing which hurts the most is that when these childhood heroes that we have grown up watching will one day retire. It has happened to every one of us. But the good news is that you can watch your childhood hero play again in the field in the Legends League Cricket 2022. We are going to discuss everything about this league in this article.

Legends League Cricket Wiki

Let us talk about the tournament as a whole. The tournament is set for the players who have retired from all formats of cricket officially and all of them will compete wearing the jersey of their nation. This is a great feeling for people who have been watching cricket since their childhood. A lot of emotions is surrounding this tournament. The tournament Legends League Cricket 2022 will be a major success. It can be said surely because of the names that are participating in the tournament and also looking at the last statistics of the tournament it is quite impossible that the tournament will fail in any shape or form if not for any natural disaster like the pandemic. The Legends League Cricket 2022 details will be mentioned in the next segments of the article. The details will include the date, time, venues, and squads of every team playing in the tournament.

Legend League Cricket 2022 Schedule

In this segment of the article, we are going to mention the Legend League Cricket 2022 dates. Legend League Cricket 2022 match timing of the matches to be played 7:00 pm in the tournament. It is said that the first match of the tournament will be held on the twentieth of January. The final match of the tournament will take place on the 29th of the same month of January.

There are also going to be three rest days in the whole tournament. The final rest day that is the third rest day will be the day before the final of the tournament that is the 28th of January. The Legends League Cricket 2022 schedule in detail is mentioned below.


  • 20th of January 2022- India Maharajas Vs Asia Lions ( Group league round 1)
  • 21st of January 2022- World Giants Vs Asia Lions ( Group league round 1)
  • 22nd of January 2022- World Giants Vs India Maharajas ( Group league round 1)
  • 23rd of January 2022- First rest day of the tournament
  • 24th of January 2022- Asia Lion Vs India Maharajas ( Group league round 2)
  • 25th of January 2022- Second rest day of the tournament
  • 26th of January 2022- India Maharajas Vs World Giants ( Group league round 2)
  • 27th of January 2022- Asia Lions Vs World Giants ( Group league round 2)
  • 28th of January 2022- The third and the final rest day of the tournament
  • 29th of January 2022- To be Decided Vs To be Decided ( Final match of the tournament)

It is decided that every match of the tournament will start from the time 8 PM IST. The Legend League Cricket 2022 venues are still not decided and will be after seeing the condition of the pandemic in the whole world.

Legend League Cricket 2022 Squads

Three teams will play in the tournament are India Maharajas, Asia Lions, and the Legends League Cricket World Giants. These are the three Legend League Cricket 2022 teams that are participating in the tournament. The players have not been announced by sincerity yet so we do not know the exact Legend League Cricket 2022 Squad of the three teams. But it is said that Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar will be playing from the side of the Asia Lions.


We have been provided all the known information about the Legends League Cricket 2022 and we are happy to have done that.


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