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Mannat Kashyap
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64 kg
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Gujarat Women, India Women
ODI, Test, T20I, WPL
December 15, 2003









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Mannat Kashyap: Rising Star of Indian Women’s Cricket

In the realm of Indian women’s cricket, Mannat Kashyap stands as a testament to talent, determination, and the spirit of triumph against all odds. Mannat Kashyap Born on December 15, 2003, in the cricket-loving city of Patiala, Punjab, Mannat has etched her name in the annals of the sport with her exceptional skills as a left-hand batsman and a slow left-arm orthodox bowler. As of 2022, she is a rising star in the cricketing landscape, having played a pivotal role in the ICC Under-19 Indian Women’s team’s historic T20 World Cup win in South Africa in 2023.

Mannat Kashyap Biography/ Wiki:

Mannat Kashyap biography, cricket career, achievements, ICC Under-19, T20 World Cup, WPL auction, Gujarat Giants, left-arm spinner, international debut, Emerging Asia Cup, Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium, Sneh Rana, ODI series, Australia, match-winner, women's cricket, promising talent, U-19 triumphs, Indian cricketer
Mannat Kashyap Cricketer

Early Life and Education

Mannat Kashyap’s journey into the world of cricket began in the heart of Patiala, a city known for its rich cricketing culture. Born to Sanjiv Kashyap, an entrepreneur running an ice cream business, and Mona Kashyap, a pillar of support in Mannat’s life, she grew up in a family that cherished both academics and sports. Mannat, the youngest of four siblings, learned the values of discipline and hard work early on.

Education played a crucial role in shaping Mannat’s life. As of 2023, she is pursuing humanities in class 12 at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Patiala. Her school not only nurtured her academic growth but also provided unwavering support for her cricketing aspirations. In an interview, Mannat expressed her gratitude, stating, “The school has supported me a lot, and they are also happy that I will hopefully go on to play the U-19 World Cup. But even after the games are over, I am preparing for my Board examinations. I am carrying my textbooks and also learning online.”

Despite her burgeoning cricketing career, Mannat remains committed to her studies, showcasing a balanced approach to her dual responsibilities.

Physical Appearance:

Height:5′ 5″
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black


Mannat’s father, Sanjiv Kashyap, runs an ice cream business, and her mother, Mona Kashyap, supports her endeavors. She has three elder siblings. The Kashyap family resides in Vikas Colony, Patiala, Punjab.

Early Cricketing Days

Mannat Kashyap’s tryst with cricket began in her childhood, where she exhibited a natural flair for the game. Trained initially with boys, Mannat’s journey was not without its challenges. Her father, Sanjiv Kashyap, played a pivotal role in encouraging her cricketing pursuits. After matches, he would bring her favorite ice cream, a simple yet heartwarming gesture that defined their father-daughter bond.

Intriguingly, Mannat’s journey into serious cricket almost didn’t happen. Recognizing her talent, her cousin Nupur Kashyap suggested that Mannat should consider professional training. However, the prevailing mindset at the time was resistant to coaching girls. Despite the initial setbacks, Mannat’s determination led her to Cricket Hub Academy on Sirhind Road, where she embarked on her formal training.


In December 2022, Mannat made headlines by being selected for the India U-19 cricket team. Her notable performance in the 2023 ICC U-19 Women’s T20 World Cup final, where she secured nine wickets, added to her acclaim. She was later acquired by Gujarat Giants for Rs. 10 lakh in the 2024 Women’s Premier League auction.


CricketerHarmanpreet Kaur
IPL team:Mumbai Indians
ActorVarun Dhawan


Jersey Number:15
Coach:Juhi Jain
Hobbies:Dancing and listening to music
  • Started training under Sunil Saggi and Juhi Jain in 2018
  • Initially a pacer, switched to spin due to injury
  • Admirer of Harmanpreet Kaur, citing her calmness and game sense as inspirations

Training and Transformation

Mannat’s early training at the Cricket Hub Academy presented its own set of challenges. Initially uncomfortable playing with boys, Mannat gradually acclimatized to the rigorous training environment. The experience not only toughened her resolve but also significantly contributed to her skill development. Mannat’s evolution from feeling out of place to becoming an integral part of the training sessions underscores her adaptability and determination.

Her training wasn’t without hurdles. In 2018, Mannat started her formal training under the watchful eyes of coaches Sunil Saggi and Juhi Jain. Initially a pacer, an injury necessitated a change in her bowling style, leading her to switch to spin. Juhi Jain, her coach, recalls the initial challenges, stating that Mannat found it difficult to bowl as a left-arm orthodox spinner. However, her perseverance and dedication shone through as she not only adapted to the new style but also honed it to perfection. According to her coach, Mannat used to bowl 200-300 deliveries in practice sessions to enhance her stamina.

Early Signs of Brilliance:

Mannat Kashyap’s cricketing journey took a significant turn during the ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup in 2023. In a game-changing spell against Scotland, she showcased her exceptional talent by claiming four wickets for a mere 12 runs. This stellar performance set the stage for her impactful presence in the tournament. Despite playing only two matches, Mannat emerged as the joint second-highest wicket-taker in the group stages and the highest among the Indian contingent, amassing five crucial wickets from just seven overs.

Her standout performances did not go unnoticed, and the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 auction witnessed high expectations surrounding Mannat Kashyap. Gujarat Giants, recognizing her potential, secured her services for a noteworthy sum of Rs 10 lakh, adding a new chapter to her burgeoning career.

India Debut in Mumbai:

The pinnacle of Mannat Kashyap’s journey arrived on a momentous Tuesday in Mumbai when she made her India debut in the 3rd and final ODI against Australia. The iconic Wankhede Stadium became the backdrop for Mannat to don the Indian colors, an achievement that marked her as the third Indian, following in the footsteps of Shreyanka Patil and Saika Ishaque, to make her ODI debut in the ongoing series against Australia.

The heartwarming moment unfolded at the team huddle, where Sneh Rana, an experienced campaigner, bestowed Mannat with the prestigious India cap. This gesture encapsulated the camaraderie within the team and celebrated the entry of a young talent into the international arena.

Debut Series Against Australia:

Mannat Kashyap biography, cricket career, achievements, ICC Under-19, T20 World Cup, WPL auction, Gujarat Giants, left-arm spinner, international debut, Emerging Asia Cup, Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium, Sneh Rana, ODI series, Australia, match-winner, women's cricket, promising talent, U-19 triumphs, Indian cricketer
Mannat Kashyap ODI Debut against Australia

Mannat Kashyap’s inclusion in the playing XI for the 3rd ODI against Australia was not merely a strategic move but a testament to her promising skills and the faith the team management had in her abilities. The decision to omit the all-rounder Sneh Rana, who suffered a concussion injury in the previous match, paved the way for Mannat’s debut.

Despite India falling short of the target by just 3 runs, Mannat Kashyap’s debut showcased glimpses of her potential. Her left-arm spin adds a new dimension to India’s bowling attack, and her journey in the national colors has only just begun.

Emerging Asia Cup Triumph:

Before her India debut, Mannat Kashyap had already left an indelible mark in the Emerging Asia Cup 2023 T20 tournament final against Bangladesh. Her pivotal role in securing a match-winning tally of 3 wickets played a crucial part in India’s successful defense of 127. This performance reinforced her reputation as a match-winner on the big stage, setting the stage for her subsequent endeavors.

The Path Ahead:

As Mannat Kashyap continues to tread the path of excellence, her journey stands as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and a testament to the burgeoning talent within India’s women’s cricket. The debut in Mumbai is just the beginning, and cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the chapters she will script in the years to come.

In the arc of Mannat Kashyap’s cricketing odyssey, from U-19 triumphs to international debut, each chapter resonates with determination, skill, and the promise of a future filled with accomplishments on the global stage.

Recognition and Honors:

The Punjab Cricket Association expressed pride in Mannat’s achievements, planning to honor her during a general body meeting. Dilsher Khanna, the association’s secretary, commended her, stating, “Mannat Kashyap has done the state and country proud.”

Dedication and Discipline:

Mannat’s dedication to cricket reflects in her disciplined lifestyle. Despite temptations, she adheres to a strict diet, showcasing her commitment to the game.

Mannat Kashyap’s journey symbolizes not just cricketing prowess but also the spirit of determination and resilience that propels young talents toward greater heights.